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Uzbekistan Farmers' Dialogue

Wednesday, 20. May 2020 - 15:00 to Wednesday, 27. May 2020 - 17:00

Farmers' Dialogue International Presents:

'Role of International Farmers Implementing Innovative Technologies Integrating Agricultural Production, Science and Education'

Sharing innovations in Uzbekistan’s transition from intensely collective to diversified individual farming enterprise.

Come and explore nature’s bountiful treasures of uniquely lush fruit, vegetable, food and fiber crops, visiting farms and farmers native to the heart of Central Asia, located all along the wondrous ageless mountains rivers and valleys, monuments and architectural marvels along the famous ancient Silk Route. Pull back the curtain and dare to step into one of the world’s most ancient cultures of this pride of the Former Soviet Union, since 1991 a shining uniquely independent Republic, the exemplary nation that has recently embraced ‘Open Economy’.

The 'IFD 2020 Uzbekistan' is your precious opportunity to explore and exchange ideas, but also to learn about the scope of applications for innovative ideas. Some of the topics the conference will explore are: low-cost, environmentally friendly technologies, self-sustaining technologies serving to reduce input-intensive farming, conservation of natural resources, promotion of small-scale enterprises, enhancing export potential of a diversified farming nation, and encouraging gainful international collaborations and partnerships.


Deadline for Registration: April 1, 2020

Deadline for Receiving Abstracts of Presentation (if desired): April 15, 2020


Updated Conference Programme:

  • Delegates to arrive in Tashkent on Tuesday,19 May. Visits to Universities and Local sightseeing.
  • Conference begins Wednesday, 20 May. Field Trips in the Forenoon. Inaugural session at 3 PM at the Tashkent State University.
  • Field trips to Samarkand and Bukhara on 21-23 May. Visits to Farms and Scientific Institutions and local sightseeing.
  • Arrival in Namangan on 24 May. Interaction with local farmers and visits to small farms.
  • Conference Technical Sessions on Monday, 25 May and forenoon of 26 May. Plenary Session at 3:00 PM, Tuesday, 26 May at the Namangan Engineering and Technological Institute, Namangan.
  • Return to Tashkent on Wednesday, 27th May. Overseas departures on 27th May.

More information about cost and logistics can be found on the Farmers' Dialogue website.