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For the third year in a row the participating students of the Trustbuilding Program Oui Act project in France developed their civic projects.


Rob Corcoran, one of our Trustbuilding Program facilitators, offers his thoughts on having courage to move past fear in the time of COVID-19.

Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

The importance of trust in times of crisis, and the power of positivity for empowerment. And you can join!


On 6 March the Kenyan Trustbuilding Program team organized different event in Mombasa in order to build trust amongst young people of diverse religious backgrounds. What are some learnings?

Naïla Gauthier

Naila Gautier is president of the organization Les Mamans du Cœur, a partner organization of Trustbuilding Program project OUI ACT in France. What inspired her to partner with our team?


The Kenyan Trustbuilding Program team delivered a Trustbuilding workshop in Garissa and conducted the first ever history walk at Garissa University, where 148 students were brutally massacred by terrorists in April 2015. Learn more about how participants of the history walk experienced the day.

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