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Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash

IofC UK has made some interesting trust-related podcasts for you recently. Listen to them on your way to work, during a walk in the park, or perhaps while relaxing on the sofa.


What could possibly become the biggest global conversation on the world's future started on January 1.

Launch event and roundtable on racial discrimination in Quebec

On December 7 in downtown Montreal, close to 50 people gathered at Initiatives of Change Canada’s roundtable and launch of their Trustbuilding Program project, to explore racial discrimination in Quebec.


The international community needs to understand that instead of fighting each other, we have one common mission: stop climate change.

Photo by Kristoffer Trolle

A group of young people in the Trustbuilding Program project Oui Act in Paris had an open sharing sessions with a police officer, a unique opportunity given the fact that the relation between youth and law enforcement officials is often put to the test by tensions, mutual prejudices and a lack of understanding on both sides.

Photo by Sébastien Goldberg on Unsplash

Edward Peters, Board Chairman of IofC Sweden, reflects on the dawn of a new decade and how an honest look at our values can shape the future.