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In a recent seminar hosted by IofC Business & Economy, three speakers provided critical insight into the evolving landscape of environmental responsibility in business - both past and present.

*Illustration by Manon Michelle Monhemius

Trust. It seems straight forward, but there are many views on the topic and its implementation. A selection of inspiring talks.


The recent dialogue focused on ways business leaders can be both profitable and sustainable; the first in a series of six upcoming discussions.

Reflections after Virtual F4F Gathering 2020

A while ago Foundations for Freedom conducted an Online Community Gathering, which took place on the 26-27th of September. Almost 40 participants from 18 countries joined the meeting online.

*Illustration by Manon Michelle Monhemius

Welcome to Australia, Indonesia, Nepal and South Africa! Which local issues will they be working on?


The International Council reflects on 2020 and the opportunities that lay ahead for the global network.