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AKTD 2019 Burak Arsh

It takes more courage to love

Tuesday, 20. August 2019


The annual Caux Forum, a programme of conferences, training, and dialogues, aims to inspire, equip and connect individuals, groups and organizations so that they can build a just, peaceful and sustainable world. This year the Forum took place from 26 June to 18 July and drew around 800 people from every continent on the globe.

Each year the Forum seeks to address the burning issues of our time and challenges participants to find innovative, sustainable answers together. Participants and speakers are drawn from civil society, government, and business, and a safe space of trust, care, and respect provides all with the opportunity to discuss topics openly. 

Such is the case with the Tools for Changemakers conference. This year, an Armenian-Kurdish-Turkish Dialogue took place, bringing together people with a tragic history of conflict who want to explore how to improve the relationships between their communities.

‘We learnt how to listen. I accepted that I cannot force anyone to recognize the Armenian genocide. I will continue to work for this recognition. But now I can accept the other as he or she is. This was a huge breakthrough. At Caux I realized that if I can learn to hate, I can learn to unhate. To do this, I need the other. I need Burak and he needs me to reach this healing of memory that will liberate us from the burden of hatred. Many Armenians see us as traitors because we are friends with Turks. But I reply that it takes more courage to love than to hate.’ 


Arshalouys Tenbelian, AKT Dialogue Co-coordinator


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Photo: Leela Channer