Frank Buchman's Legacy

Frank Buchman's Legacy

Frank Buchman (Photo: Arthur Strong) Frank ND Buchman was the initiator of Moral Re-Armament, now known as Initiatives of Change. A new 36-page booklet by Archie Mackenzie, 'Frank Buchman's Legacy', has just been published. It forms the 'Introduction' to the following 19 chapters. To access one directly, use the links below.


Archie Mackenzie

1. How Caux began
Pierre Spoerri

2. France and the Expansion of Buchman’s Faith
Michel Sentis

3. A German Veteran remembers
Hansjörg Gareis

4. Hidden Ingredients of Japan’s post-war Miracle
Yukika Sohma & Fujiko Hara

5. Human Torpedo turns Creative Consultant
Hideo Nakajima

6. Seeds of Change for Africa
Amina Dikedi, Peter Hannon & Suzan Burrell

7. French-speaking Africa
Frédéric Chavanne

8. Political Dynamite in Australia
Mike Brown & John Bond

9. India’s Journey towards New Governance
V.C. Viswanathan

10. Ordinary Brazilians doing Extraordinary things
Luis Puig

11. Buchman’s Inspired Ideology for America
Jarvis Harriman, Bob Webb & Dick Ruffin

12. Clean Elections - Target for Taiwan
Ren-Jou Liu & Brian Lightowler

13. Frank Buchman and the Muslim World
Imam Abduljalil Sajid

14. Action emerges from Silence - a Russian view
Grigory Pomerants

15. Industry’s Forgotten Factor
Alec Porter with Jens Wilhelmsen, Maarten de Pous & Miles Paine

16. The Economics of Unselfishness
Pat Evans

17. The Media, Heralds of Hope
Bill Porter

18. Youth looks Back – and Forward
Rob Lancaster, Chris James, Bhavesh Patel, Joanna Margueritte, Yeon Yuk Jeong & Ann Njeri

19. Reconciliation comes from Change
Pierre Spoerri