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A Dialogue on the Meaning of Sustainability

Friday, 12. March 2021 - 12:00 to 13:30


All sectors of society - governments, business, civil society, and the media - have critical roles to play in establishing a world in which every community is just, peaceful, and sustainable. Business especially has an opportunity, and responsibility, in the promotion of and investment in sustainability; both in service of the sector but also in service of its biggest stakeholder – humanity.

Yet do we as businesspeople have a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to make businesses, jobs, and lives sustainable? Can we share a common international vision of what is needed? Are we willing to undertake shared coherent actions?

Join the Initiatives of Change Business & Economy Programme for a series of six interactive international seminars exploring the different facets of sustainability and how they integrate into the business sector. Each seminar will feature keynote speakers, open debate, and opportunity for exchange in small groups. Participate in an informative exchange of ideas for the purpose of inspired action!

Upcoming Seminar

Corruption: From necessary evil to precondition for trust in business

12 March- 12:00 - 13:30 GMT


Jean-Pierre MéanJean-Pierre Méan will speak on the theme of combating corruption globally by:

  • Defining corruption and explaining how it manifests
  • Showing the progress on legislation and practice, and
  • Exploring the tools and support available for those who want to combat corruption.


Jonas MobergJonas Moberg will provide an inside look at the practices of a large company operating in many markets, and how the company evolved from basic compliance to full-fledged company ethics. Drawing on his 11 year-experience at the head of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), he will also elaborate on the need to set up collective solutions involving business and governments in order to:

  • Fend off corruption
  • Protect the environment, and
  • Overcome poverty more effectively.


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Future Seminars

  • Human Rights: Right down to the far end of the supply chain
  • Business’ Social and Local Responsibilities
  • Effective partnerships to turn business into a transformative force in society



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