Creators of Peace

In just 15 years, Creators of Peace has offered Creators of Peace Circles in over 50 countries, transforming lives and empowering women to give leadership for peace.

“Creators of Peace touches the core of your being. It is a tool that has been accompanying me on my journey as a peace maker, allowing me to deepen and add value to the peace work I do”. Stephanie, Burundi

Creators of Peace women are volunteers, working at the grassroots with a personal engagement for peace. We want to sustain this work into the future. To do so we need vital resources to mentor facilitators, send trainers and support women in challenging contexts.

“Becoming a Creator of Peace facilitator has given my life a meaning. When I run a PC and women share life experiences that have been locked in their hearts for years, I always feel grateful that I have been able to help them overcome hurt to start a journey of healing.” Rose, Kenya



What will you give to help Creators of Peace Circles reach more women?

YOUR CONTRIBUTION will help Creators of Peace Circles to take place anywhere in the world where the need is identified by local women. These women benefit greatly from being part of a global network (community) of support.

Your gift would make the following possible:
* $10 to pay for materials for a workshop
* $100 to cover travel expenses for a facilitator
* $1,000 to help put on a training programme in a country in conflict

2. If you would prefer to make a bank transfer contact us and we will send you details of how to do this.

However much or however little you are able to give, either as an individual, or through a fundraising effort with others, we promise to use it wisely.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY – it will assist us greatly to continue, to reach out to the needs of society, and extend the Creators of Peace programme across the globe.