About us

Arab Region Coordination Group (ARCG)

An Arab movement to promote a culture of peace, hope and individual responsibility for change


  • Strengthening the role of the individual in the process of positive change.
  • Coordinating the work of Arab national teams.
  • Serving as a connection and reference between the International IofC bodies and the national teams.


ARCG Focus Areas

  • Overseeing activities that address the root causes of extremism of all kinds.
  • Promote peace and social cohesion through building bridges of trust and reconciliation among the divides.
  • Work towards good governance through a culture of leadership based on moral integration and self-denial.


Arab Regional Coodination Group (ARCG) Members


Mohammad Rantisi Mohammad Rantisi, Palestine

Mohammad was born a refugee in Shaati Camp in Gaza strip- He was first introduced to IoFC in 1998. He participated in many conferences in Caux. He also an alumni of Caux Scholar programme. He is co-founder of IoFC in Gaza. He is very much interested in skills development.



 Iman Al GhafariIman Alghafari, Syria






Roweida SalehRoweida Saleh, Lebanon

Roweida was born and raised in the Lebanese civil war, she has always volunteered to advocate peace and work with groups in conflict to build bridges of trust and capitalize on the importance of accepting each other. Roweida has first met IofC in an exchange program (BAUA) with the UK. Since then, she has played different roles with IofC Lebanon and other IofC bodies. She represents Lebanon in the Arab Regional Group and was recently elected as a member of the International Council of IofC.


Raoudha OmraneRaoudha Omrane, Tunisia





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